Aviation Insurance

You own or operate an aircraft – be that a Jet, Turboprop, Piston Engine powered or even an Ultralight, powered or non-powered Glider, Gyrocopter or any similar aircraft?
Then we are the ideal people to talk for insurance.

We work togheter with a independent insurance agent to search for the best national and international insurance companies.

Simply fill in the Questionnaire and return it to us by Fax or Email and you will get an insurance offer individually tailored to you and your aircraft.
Please return the filled in questionnaire to:
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The most important aircraft insurances in an overview:
  • Owner’s Liability Insurance
  • Passenger- Liability Insurance
  • CSL- Insurance (combined single limit)
  • Hull Insurance
  • Engine insurance
  • Occupant Seats Insurance
  • Hangar Insurance
  • War- Liability Insurance
  • War- Hull Insurance

Furthermore, there are insurance solutions for Pilots, Aviation Clubs, MROs, Production and Design Organisations.

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